New classes on Sundays at 10:00 AM in June and July. All are welcome to participate!

Discover North Atlanta: Room 110

Learn more about what to expect at the North Atlanta Church in a casual, small group setting. In this class we will explore North Atlanta’s Mission and Vision and the many connection opportunities that are available. You will learn about how the church is organized and have the chance to ask any questions that you may have.
Leaders: Marvin Woodward, Frank and Cheris Baker, Ken Shumard

Special Focus Studies

Special Focus Studies are life stage or life experience specific studies.

ANCHOR Groups: Meets in the Gym and Atrium

Gender specific, Christ-centered, Bible study for people in open drug and alcohol recovery.
Facilitators: Michael Prather, Cindy Lawrence, and the ANCHOR team

Catalyst (College-age): Room 111


Learning how to navigate life and advance the gospel of Grace together. Leaning on one another for support,
encouragement, and hope.  
Teachers: Derek McClardy and Teaching Team

Multigenerational Bible Classes

Multigenerational Bible Classes are open to all adults

Practical Discipleship (Discipulado Practico): Room 101

If you are wanting to grow as a disciple maker of Jesus Christ, this is the class for you! The tone of this class will be Love First as you are equipped with practical tools to help you fulfill the great commission! 
Teachers: Adam Paa and Nelson Galarraga

Si quieres crecer como un discípulo hacedor de Jesucristo, ¡esta es la clase para ti! ¡El tono de esta clase será Amor
Primero, mientras te estas equipado con herramientas prácticas para ayudarte a cumplir la gran comisión!
Profesor: Adam Paa y Nelson Galarraga

Finding Contentment: A Study of Philippians: Room 106

Our culture encourages us to live under the belief that, if we could just have more or better – more money, more free time,
a newer car, a bigger house, finer clothes, the latest Nikes, a better job, better circumstances – we would finally be happy.  We all know somewhere in our heart of hearts that this societal message is not true, but we find this powerful delusion
almost irresistible. 

In this study of Philippians we will explore seven truths – seven secrets of contentment – that the Apostle Paul learned
enabling him to say, “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” And, as we learn these truths, we too will be able to affirm that we have finally learned to be content.
Teacher: Ken Snell

Financial Equipping: Room 112

This class will encourage believers to invite the Trinity of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit into their journey towards financial wholeness. Shame of debt, of not having control of our finances is undone in the presence of God. Jesus is not about shame, He is about grace; He doesn’t foster guilt, He encourages compassion.

If you need support with managing your finances or would like a greater grasp on personal financial topics, join us for an in-depth study on personal money management. This class will cover a number of topics including budgeting, getting out of debt, wisely making large purchases, changing poor financial habits, creating smarter money goals as well as diving deeper into understanding insurance, retirement, employer benefits, education planning and estate planning.
Teachers: Jamie Lynn Byram and Major Boglin

Bridging the Divide: Room 115

How Men and Women Do Life in the Church

Most Christians would agree that men and women are equal in the eyes of God, and should be respected as equals in the eyes of each other. Though there are still gender-based inequities in nearly every segment of society, progress has been made to overcome these injustices. But this does not answer the question, "What does the Bible say about women in the life, leadership, and ministry of the church?" This question prompted our elders to commission North Atlanta's Gender Study Groups in 2019.  

This Bible class will focus on four aspects of this study: a) The culture and history of the first-century church, b) Principles of Bible study and application, c) Different ways people interpret the Bible on this question, and d) How do people who see this question differently still serve together, and enjoy each other, in the same local church? Join us for this engaging and enjoyable 8-week study!
Teachers: Don McLaughlin and Teaching Team