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Don McLaughlin - Minister

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ONE VOICE: One Word - May 19

In his next “One Voice” sermon, minister Don McLaughlin echoes the Apostle Paul’s exhortation to the Romans that they live with “one voice, one mind.”  With that in mind, Don focuses on the Word of God and how we approach our study of it.  He presents three important mindsets that we must incorporate into our efforts if we are to gain the greatest benefit:  1)  our study must reflect a hunger to learn about God, not just to gain knowledge per se;  2)  we should desire help from the Holy Spirit;  and 3) we should approach others as they are learning with an attitude of humility and love.  While somewhat unique in focus, this sermon provides listeners with tangible guidance to help us draw closer to God through His written word and to progress on our path to “One Voice.”