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Our mission is to empower young families to:

  1. grow in intimacy with God.

  2. connect with a community of faith.

  3. serve those who need god’s love.


Bible class - Sundays at 10am

None of us have all the answers. So, we value asking the tough questions. We believe that the struggle that comes from that helps us grow in our relationship and intimacy with God.

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Small groups

We all need others to walk through this stage of life with. That’s why we believe it’s so important for Young Families to connect with a community of faith. However you define “family”, we want you to know that you belong in this community.


We know how busy life can get when you are starting a marriage, building your career, or carting kids everywhere. In the midst of that busyness, though, we believe it is so important to take time to serve others. That is why, throughout the year, we have various opportunities to serve our neighbors.

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